Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have You Tried Those Crazy Wrap Things ? IT WORKS WRAP

Did you know 95% of my customers are LOYAL CUSTOMERS...this just means they get up to 45% off my products by just agreeing to have 2 extra monthly shipments coming to their door. EASY PEASY! You get full control of your account AND get to choose what item comes each long hassle to cancel!


Here is some customer before and after pictures. The pictures speak for themselves.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Turn back the hands of time from the inside out with New You

Turn back the hands of time from the inside out with New You! This one-of-a-kind longevity formula is designed to stimulate and support the production and release of the body's own human growth hormone.

New enhanced formula now includes natural polyphenols that help improve blood supply to the muscles and help to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals for better post-workout recovery.*


Monday, October 21, 2013

I am looking for 10 motivated people to add to my Wraps team

I am looking for 10 motivated people to add to my Wraps team. Have you been considering becoming a #Distributor and starting your own #WrapBusiness? Let's talk! Inbox me a good phone number to reach you at and I will answer all of your questions!
Click the link to watch videos and get some awesome information of this great opportunity

Watch this video Then inbox me or call
Felisha Coleman 903-915-1150 or visit my website
This is Jaree and she is the one that introduce me to this crazy wrap thing

Meet Mary

Meet Mary who is a distributor on my team!

"Four months ago I had no Job, and was a stay at home mom. The bills were adding up, and our debt was increasing day by day, as we struggled to live on one income and make ends meet.

Working for... someone else again was not an option. This time I had to do something for myself. I was desperately looking for an opportunity to come my way, and it did.

I thank God everyday for blessing me with this amazing company. Not only has it allowed me to help my family, but it has also allowed me to help others achieve their goals. With hard work, determination and laser focus, I was able to achieve the Double Diamond position, and will now replace my prior income that was reached after being an Insurance Broker for over 10 years in only 4 months!"

**Mommies, I invite you to take a leap of faith, and see if this opportunity is right for you. You have nothing to lose and the possibilities are endless.**

Congratulations Mary! You are a Rockstar! We are so proud to have you on our team!

We are creating Diamonds left and right! If you are looking for a New Chapter in life... Inbox me for more details!
click the link to watch videos and get some awesome information of this great opportunity

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Before and After Picture of Customer after using the IT Works Wraps

This is what happens when you use a full treatment of #UltimateBodyApplicators!!! I absolutely cannot get enough of these #BeforeAndAfters from customers! Who's gonna be my next #LoyalCustomer?

#Tighten, #Tone & #Firm in as little as 45 minutes with the #ItWorksWRAP! Results last up to 6 months & even longer with a healthy lifestyle! You can get 4 #Wraps for $59 as a #LoyalCustomer off my website!

So you got your wrap, now you need some It Works Body Wraps Instructions right!?

So you got your wrap, now you need some It Works Body Wraps Instructions right!?
I’m going to walk you through your It Works Body Wraps Instructions right here and now. It’s easy, promise!
Get some comfy clothes on and lets get started with your It Works Body Wraps Instructions!!
The wrap does come with It Works Body Wraps Instructions printed on the back of the package, but sometimes we just want to make sure we’re doing things right, right?
Grab the wrap, some plastic wrap or a tight fitting tank top, scissors, and your camera/phone.
Take a before photo of yourself both from the front and the side.
Cut open the packaging and take out the wrap. It’s folded, so you’ll need to unfold it. There’s gel on the skin side
Place the wrap on your problem area (yeah that’s right, you can put the wrap ANYWHERE!)

Apply a layer of plastic wrap or put on your tight tank top to hold the wrap in place. Wear for 45 minutes (up to 8 hours, until the gel is absorbed).
Take off the wrap and discard. Rub any remaining gel on your skin into your skin.
Take another side and front photo. Compare.
Remember that the wrap ingredients keep working for a full 72 hours, so your results are progressive and will be BETTER at the end of the third day IF you keep drinking your recommended amount of water daily!
At the 72 hour mark, take another after photo! Compare, and be amazed
It Works Body Wraps instructions are simple and easy to follow.
The It Works Body Wraps instructions are right here in black and white, and there’s no way to mess it up if you follow these simple steps!

Happy Skinny Day!!!
Body Wrap Tips

Drink plenty of water  ~ ½ your body weight in ounces the day you wrap and 3 days following. (If you weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 ounces of water a day)Do not use soaps with lanolin ~ they tend to clog pores.

Take a hot shower or bath and use an Epsom Salt Scrub (optional) ~ just make a paste with epsom salt and water, apply in the bath/shower and gently scrub the area you are going to wrap ~ make sure there are no lotions or perfumes on your skin.

Use a measuring tape ~ write down measurements daily. Make sure to measure 3 areas before you wrap.

Use a Sharpie ~ mark where you measured for more accurate results. A pen mark will be gone when you remove the applicator.

Measure 3 spots ~ (waist, belly button and lower ab). This will help make sure you are being accurate. Add those  results together to come up with your total loss amount.
Use proper wrapping material ~ Saran wrap, ace bandage or tight clothing (biker shorts) to secure applicator snug enough so the wrap doesn’t slide off, but not tight enough to make you start sweating.

Wear for 45 minutes ~ 8 hours -  then remove saran wrap. The goal is to have as much of the product absorb as possible so rub it in after you remove the wrap, don’t wash it off. Remeasure after 45 minutes, but you can leave it on longer for maximum results...

No sweating ~ don’t work out  or do anything else that will make you sweat while you are wearing the wrap.

Measure every day ~ drink your water and think slim!
You can wrap any place you have unwanted loose skin or fat just cut the wrap to fit that area.

 If you are wanting to lose weight I recommend adding these three products with wrapping for the maximum results....

Only use one wrap per area every 72 hours -  anything more is a waste. (Example, don’t put 2 wraps on your belly)

Make sure you take good before and after pictures! 

Measure results of tightening toning and firming...not weight loss.
Relax and enjoy your amazing results!
You can get a full treatment of (4 wraps one box) for just 59.00 as a loyal customer any time on my website.
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It Works! is quickly becoming one of the world’s largest direct selling companies, and for a very good reason. Today, I want to explain to you exactly WHY I think this is the perfect time to join It Works Global.

1) Their flagship product, The Ultimate Body Applicator “the wrap”, is unique and generates an insane word of mouth buzz.

For you, this is a enormous benefit for a number of different reasons. One important reason, is that the product is only available through Independent Distributors. In other words, it solidifies your ability to earn a residual income because customers must purchase your products from you or your teammates. They can’t simply go to Walmart, as they might, if you were selling jewelry, candles or another non-unique product.

Another reason this is important, is it means you won’t have to convince your customers to try the product. The Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap piques the curiosity of almost every person that hears of it. And, once your customers see that it really works, they get excited and tell everyone they know! ...Which is a big reason for the company's explosive growth this year.

2) They are in the ‘momentum’ phase of network marketing growth.

So, what is momentum you ask? Great question.

Momentum in network marketing terms, is often defined as a period of time (lasting between 2 and 4 years in length) when a company experiences phenomenal growth. It is during this period of time that a company expands across the nation and becomes a ‘household name’. Typically this period is when a company has less than 100k active distributors, and is doing between 50 and 500 million dollars in annual sales. ****It Works Global is currently experiencing momentum, as you can see from the chart below that I posted with this note.

3) They have ethical, committed, Christian leadership.

Mark and Cindy Pentecost are committed followers of Christ, and pray for the company on a daily basis. They even start each morning out with the pledge of allegiance at their corporate headquarters. (I just love that!) They have huge goals, and would never, ever, consider selling the company or giving up on it. Their kids, friends, and ever-increasing cast of employees are dependent upon the success of the company, and Mark and Cindy are fully committed to It Works’ long-term success.

Us, of course!

When you’re looking for a potential team and sponsor to join with in any networking company, there are definitely a few details to consider...

A) Make sure your leader is plugged-in. In other words, make sure they are listening to corporate calls, aware of updates, attending events, and that this is a serious venture for them. With most companies, it’s pretty difficult to change who your sponsor is once you’ve signed up. So, don’t take it lightly, and do your due diligence when choosing a team.

B) Make sure that you a join a team who is committed, positive, and has a system of training and duplication in place. The reason many people fail in network marketing, is that they have a difficult time staying connected and motivated. You should be able to rely on your team to help you get started, and to stay fired up as you work your new business!

(Thanks, Denise Walsh for helping our Team with this!)
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